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September 11, 2020

Phoenix primary care group using mobile AI assistant to automate charting, reduce physician burnout and increase patient facetime

Patients throughtout the Valley will soon feel more connected to their healthcare providers thanks to a mobile app changing the way clinical documentation and data entry are performed. Bayless Integrated Healthcare, an Arizona leader in integrating mental and physical health, has declared a partnership with Seattle-based healthcare technology company, Saykara, to implement this new technology in its eight locations throughout the Phoenix area.

Healthcare Tech Outlook
September 9, 2020

The promise of conversational AI in helping restore the doctor-patient relationship

Few would argue the quality of the doctor-patient relationship has been declining in recent years. A study by The Doctors Company showed that 54 percent of doctors believe the doctor-patient relationship is negatively impacted by electronic medical record (EMR) systems. Doctors report having a difficult time entering data to a computer while also observing the patient. EMR systems were designed with billing in mind, not physician efficiency, so it goes without saying that if technology can help alleviate the documentation burden, everybody wins.

MedCity News
September 1, 2020

Valley healthcare co. implements new technology to connect with patients

During a typical appointment, providers must simultaneously converse with patients while filling out electronic health records on a computer, which creates the feeling that providers are disengaged and multi-tasking, rather than offering their full attention. The data entry workload can be so great that providers often bring it home to complete during evening hours, contributing to fatigue and burnout. The technology from Saykara reverses this trend by utilizing artificial intelligence to automate the challenging and time-consuming aspects of clinical documentation. This frees providers from their computers and restores quality facetime with patients.

In Business Phoenix
August 31, 2020

Bayless Integrated Healthcare deploys AI to improve patient care

Patients across the Valley will soon feel more connected to their healthcare providers thanks to a mobile app changing the way clinical documentation and data entry are performed. Bayless Integrated Healthcare, an Arizona leader in integrating mental and physical health, has announced a partnership with Seattle-based healthcare technology company, Saykara, to implement this new technology in its eight locations across the Phoenix area. The introduction of this technology at Bayless comes at a time when healthcare providers are increasingly reporting burnout amid the COVID-19 pandemic and may help alleviate some of the pressures they face.

AZ Big Media
August 6, 2020

Saykara mobile AI assistant improves practice productivity 500%

Saykara’s artificial intelligence (AI) assistant enabled the Midwest Institute for Minimally Invasive Therapies (MIMIT Health) to boost practice productivity five-fold. The voice-enabled iOS-based app, named Kara, drafts visit summaries, updates the electronic health record, produces prescriptions, and more with limited involvement from clinicians.

BioWorld MedTech
July 24, 2020

How conversational AI helps restore the doctor-patient relationship

Artificial intelligence (AI) is known for using Big Data to detect anomalies in medical imaging, predict health outcomes, personalize treatment plans, even perform robotic surgery. One of the newest entrants to the AI movement is a form of “conversational AI” aimed at helping restore the doctor-patient relationship by alleviating the documentation burden. Voice-enabled technology can listen to conversations between doctors and patients that occur naturally during an encounter, whether in person or through a telehealth platform. The AI then captures, interprets and transforms the content required for the medical record, such as a SOAP note. No command language or trigger words are used, doctors just speak normally.

Health IT Outcomes
July 24, 2020

Video interview: How AI assistants are decreasing the physician documentation burden

It’s hard to talk about new, exciting technology when the healthcare system is being rocked by a global pandemic. Although, ironically, this type of technology is exactly what we need to help make doctors more efficient, decrease burnout, and reduce the physician documentation burden. John Lynn explores the Saykara AI assistant solution in a video interview with company leaders and a physician user.

Healthcare IT Today
July 23, 2020

Saykara eyeing to scale AI health platform

Seattle-based Saykara, founded in 2015 and brought to market in 2018, provides physicians with an AI-powered assistant that listens in on doctor-patient conversations to extract insights and build clinical notes that physicians would otherwise spend time plugging into electronic medical record systems. While the coronavirus pandemic initially decreased patient volumes for a lot of specialty groups, Saykara has seen a dramatic uptick in inquiries about its solution as providers look to improve quality of care and increase efficiency. Telehealth’s spike amid the pandemic has also been a boon for Saykara. The company's platform can be integrated into telehealth applications for its customers, including practices that use Zoom.

July 15, 2020

Are AI scribes the answer to doctors' documentation woes?

Dr. Matthew Fradkin, a pediatrician, discusses his work implementing an ambient scribe in his workflow. With more and more documentation piling up in the medical world, Fradkin said that connection with the patient is in jeopardy – and so is provider burnout. He started to work with the digital innovation team at his health system to look into pilots for fixing this issue. The tech that Fradkin decided to pilot was an AI-based medical scribe that is able to train and learn a provider’s individual style and preferences over time.

July 7, 2020

How AI assistants streamline EHR documentation, clinician workload

Clinicians at OrthoIndy Hospital, Indiana’s first orthopedics specialty hospital and one of the largest of its kind in the country, were spending up to three hours after work and even over the weekend to complete EHR-related tasks. However, after the practice implemented a mobile artificial intelligence (AI) assistant into its EHR, after-hours charting and documentation was a thing of the past.

EHR Intelligence
June 18, 2020

OrthoIndy installs AI solution to ease physician EHR burdens

Indianapolis-based OrthoIndy has implemented the Saykara mobile AI assistant to facilitate EHR documentation. Three things to know:

Becker’s Spine Review
May 4, 2020

The impending artificial intelligence revolution in healthcare

As a result of the complexity of conversational speech, it is still quite early for fully autonomous AI scribes. In the meantime, augmented AI scribes, AI systems augmented by human power, are filling in the gaps of AI competency and allowing these systems to succeed while incrementally chipping away at the goal of making these systems fully autonomous.

HIT Consultant
April 29, 2020

Startup adjusts medical voice assistant for a Zoom world

Saykara, which built an AI voice assistant for medical professionals, had to quickly adjust when most healthcare appointments shifted to online. The company integrated its services with Zoom and began helping health systems with scheduling tasks.

MedCity News
April 29, 2020

Saykara launches AI voice assistant Kara

Saykara, creator of ambient artificial intelligence-powered voice assistants for medical exam room conversations, has launched 'Kara' to help doctors document telehealth visits from within Zoom video conference calls. Kara can now manage scheduling, notifications, and reminders to patients and help healthcare providers monitor their calendar of appointments and launch Zoom patient visits with a single click.

Speech Technology
March 11, 2020

Book launch: Voice Technology in Healthcare: Leveraging Voice to Enhance Patient and Provider Experiences

Live virtual (recorded video) presentation of Medical Documentation in the Voice First Era by Harjinder Sandhu.

March 9, 2020

AI revolution in healthcare will occur when the tyranny of the screen ends

As a result of the complexity of conversational speech, it is still quite early for fully autonomous AI scribes. In the meantime, augmented AI scribes, AI systems augmented by human power, are filling in the gaps of AI competency and allowing these systems to succeed while incrementally chipping away at the goal of making these systems fully autonomous.

HIT Consultant
March 6, 2020

Saykara showcases enhanced AI virtual assistant running on Microsoft Azure

Saykara, delivering healthcare’s first ambient AI virtual assistant, has chosen Microsoft Azure to power Kara. Saykara seamlessly supports physicians through all aspects of the patient encounter, allowing them to walk in an exam room and have Kara ambiently transform the dialogue with the patient into a note ready for physician signoff.

March 5, 2020

AI startup’s newest offering designed to reduce burnout, improve patient encounters

Saykara, a Seattle-based healthcare technology company, has launched a new AI-powered solution for documenting physician-patient conversations. The solution was designed to "ambiently and autonomously" record patient visits without the use of any prompts or voice commands, extracting meaning from the entire encounter.

AI in Healthcare
March 4, 2020

AI startup Saykara adds autonomy to medical voice assistant

Healthcare artificial intelligence startup Saykara announced this week that its voice assistant can now automatically extract meaning from conversations between doctors and patients. This autonomy marks a significant step toward the startup’s goal of a doctor’s assistant that requires little or no human input to be helpful.
March 3, 2020

Startup makes fully autonomous medical voice assistant

Seattle-based Saykara claims its voice-based physician assistant can now fully automate some patient interactions, meaning no scribe is required in the back end to confirm the system’s results. The system can also automatically fill out the correct fields in the EHR, requiring no clicks.

MedCity News
March 3, 2020

NewYork-Presbyterian-backed startup unveils ambient, autonomous voice assistant

Saykara, an artificial intelligence startup that counts NewYork-Presbyterian's NYP Ventures as an investor launched a new healthcare voice assistant on March 3. The new AI-powered voice assistant is the only one on the market that can operate both ambiently and autonomously, meaning it can listen to and understand the context of a patient-physician conversation without being prompted by voice commands.

Becker’s Health IT
March 3, 2020

Saykara launches healthcare voice assistant

Saykara has launched a fully ambient and fully autonomous voice assistant technology for healthcare. The new product is an artificially intelligent exam room voice assistant that seamlessly listens to physician-patient conversations without voice commands, captures conversation meaning and documents encounters in real time.

Speech Technology
January 20, 2020

The new doctor's visit

How AI helps a physician focus more on patients than paperwork. "I can be more of the doctor I want to be."

October 29, 2019

Tech moves: Saykara hires president

Saykara, a Seattle startup that sells a virtual assistant for physicians, hired Dr. Graham Hughes as president.

September 14, 2019

AI voice assistants 'listen in' on patient visits to ease the EHR burden

For the past year and a half, Dr. Matthew Fradkin, a pediatrician with Swedish Medical Group in Seattle, has been using Saykara, a virtual assistant that "listens" in the background during patient visits and automatically documents notes in the electronic health record system.

Modern Healthcare
August 20, 2019

The new Saykara AI-powered voice assistant can reduce physician burnout

Saykara, a Seattle headquartered start-up catering to the healthcare sector, has disclosed an ambient mode which can record critical clinical notes by listening to contextual clues. This AI-powered mode saves users from having to use a ‘wake word’ for leveraging this technology.

Healthcare Tech Outlook
August 6, 2019

Saykara wants to reduce physician burnout with its AI voice assistant

Recently the company unveiled an ambient mode that is able to listen to contextual clues and record important clinical notes without the use of a "wake word" to engage the technology.

MedCity News
July 15, 2019

Kara 2.0 by Saykara can automate EHR data entry up to 100 percent

The Kara 2.0 adds to the versatility of Saykara, enabling the AI healthcare assistant to automate up to 100 percent of all the manual entry.

Healthcare Tech Outlook
July 3, 2019

Voice assistant offers remedy for physician burnout

Saykara's digital assistant is aimed at freeing doctors from time-consuming EHR data entry and improving their interactions with patients.

July 3, 2019

Saykara upgrades voice assistant for doctors with independent note-taking skill

Seattle-based digital health startup Saykara wants to free clinicians from the mountains of paperwork that await them at the end of the day. The company’s solution is Kara, a virtual assistant that recently learned a nifty new skill: it can now document an entire doctor-patient conversation without interruption.

June 24, 2019

This app listens in and fills out paperwork so doctors can focus on patients

The Seattle-based company’s solution is an app that records a doctor’s interactions with patients, using AI and machine learning to hone in on key points of the doctor’s side of the conversation and appropriately document on the EHR, leaving the doctor free to focus on the patient.

April 30, 2019

How physicians can use an AI virtual assistant to eliminate after-hours charting, AKA "pajama time"​

After-hours charting, more commonly referred to as "pajama time" (NEJM) is what doctors do at home on an average of 2-3 hours of every night. With the advent of modern consumer technology now making its way into healthcare, pajama time can really become a thing of the past. The primary technologies that allow for this paradigm shift are called Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML), a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

February 12, 2019

New AI tools to address physician burnout

Providence St. Joseph Health, the Renton, Washington-based health system operating across seven states, is leveraging artificial intelligence to alleviate physician burnout by reducing the time doctors spend documenting in the EHR. The health system’s chief digital officer, said the health system is piloting an AI-powered virtual physician assistant platform called Saykara.

December 26, 2018

Doctors turns to human, AI scribes to save time

As the health-care industry continues to move to more paperless record-keeping, physicians are finding drawbacks to the modernization. So, five physicians are testing an app called Saykara, which uses AI technology to listen to the conversations and transcribe them.

Daily Reporter
October 21, 2018

AI is integral to the future of healthcare — but for now, so are humans

Artificial intelligence has been around for half a century, but it has only recently become a real player in the healthcare space. Harjinder Sandhu, the CEO, and founder of SayKara says that’s all down to data.

September 13, 2018

Saykara raises $5M as its AI voice assistant cuts time doctors spend on paperwork by 70%

The new funding round was led by SpringRock Ventures and also included Madrona Venture Group, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, and Elevate Innovation Partners. The funds will help Saykara scale its sales and marketing departments as it launches in hospital systems around the country.

November 14, 2017

Saykara medical AI assistant introduced to market

Medical transcription service is a big business, and this technology can disrupt the model. With a viable and efficient medical transcription app, there is no extra time required for transcribing patient records. Record keeping can be done in real-time while consulting with the patient.

BOLD Business
September 25, 2017

Start-up develops AI-fueled voice scribe for healthcare providers, hospitals

Saykara, a Seattle-based health technology start-up company, recently launched its first mobile app for iOS, an AI-fueled voice scribe that aims to be the Amazon Alexa for providers and hospitals. The goal is to accurately transcribe audio to text, parse the information to make it structured, and insert it cleanly into an electronic health record.

Physicians News Network
September 19, 2017

This startup wants to be Amazon Alexa, but for healthcare

Health technology company Saykara is building an artificial intelligence-powered voice scribe with the goal of becoming Amazon Alexa for hospitals. Developed by a group of former Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Nuance employees, its solution uses voice recognition and machine learning to transcribe physician voice data and simplify EHR entries.

Becker’s Health IT
September 18, 2017

This Seattle startup is building an Amazon Alexa for health care

Saykara was developed by a group of former employees from companies like speech recognition giant Nuance and Amazon. The team is based in Seattle and is launching this week after several years quietly developing the technology and securing a $2.5 million seed round from local investment firm Madrona Venture Group.

September 18, 2017

Health tech startup Saykara emerges from stealth mode with AI voice transcriber for doctors

Another Seattle startup has emerged from stealth mode: Saykara, a health technology company developing an AI-fueled voice scribe that aims to be the Amazon Alexa for hospitals. The service uses artificial intelligence tools to transcribe and sort through a physician’s oral notes during and after interacting with a patient.

July 22, 2016

Former Nuance machine learning vet raises $2.5M for AI healthcare startup Saykara

Meet your latest stealthy Seattle startup. The name of the company is Saykara, and it appears to be tackling a very interesting problem: The use of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

July 21, 2016

Saykara – out of stealth, Alexa for physicians

At Madrona, we like to invest in the best entrepreneurs in the Pacific NW attacking the biggest technology markets in the world. We are excited to see Saykara come out of stealth and continue to help them in their mission to give ALL physicians back control of their lives and address this important pain point for the healthcare industry.

Madrona Venture Group