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Daily Reporter
Dec 2018

Doctor turns to human, AI scribes to save time

As the health-care industry continues to move to more paperless record-keeping, physicians are finding drawbacks to the modernization. So, five physicians are testing an app called Saykara, which uses AI technology to listen to the conversations and transcribe them. Doctors are then able to edit the digital records later. Read More…

Oct 2018

AI is integral to the future of healthcare — but for now, so are humans

Artificial intelligence has been around for half a century, but it has only recently become a real player in the healthcare space. Harjinder Sandhu, the CEO, and founder of SayKara says that’s all down to data. Read More…

NYP Ventures
Sep 2018

Saykara Raises $5M from NYP and Other Leading Investors

SEATTLE, Sept. 13, 2018 - Saykara, the leading voice and AI-powered virtual assistant for physicians, announced today an investment of $5 million led by SpringRock Ventures, a venture fund focused on the convergence of health care and technology. Other investors include NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Elevate Innovation Partners (EIP), and existing investor Madrona Venture Group.

Sep 2018

Saykara raises $5M as its AI voice assistant cuts time doctors spend on paperwork by 70%

The funds will also go towards refining Saykara’s technology. The voice assistant is designed to sit passively in a room during patient visits and use machine learning and natural language processing to automatically fill information into electronic health records systems.

Sep 2018

Saykara raises $5M funding round for pioneering AI-powered voice assistant for physicians

“We are excited to invest in Saykara to help leverage voice technologies in healthcare,” said Peter Fleischut, M.D., Senior Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer at NewYork-Presbyterian

Nov 2017

Etzioni on A.I. Hype, Reality, Lifesaving Potential, and More

As an example, Saykara—they’re doing a Siri for healthcare. Given that we know that Siri works—not in understanding what you’re saying, but in speech recognition—and given that we know that doctors spend a lot of their time dictating or inputting information for regulatory reasons, it makes sense. Saykara makes sense.

Sep 2017

This Seattle startup is building an Amazon Alexa for health care

Voice is rapidly becoming big business in health care, as medical systems look for new ways to help doctors focus on the patient interaction, rather than the computer. Studies have shown that doctors today spend about a quarter of their time on the patient visit, with nearly half on desk work and charting in the electronic health record.

Sep 2017

Health tech startup Saykara emerges from stealth mode with AI voice transcriber for doctors

Saykara, a health technology company developing an AI-fueled voice scribe that aims to be the Amazon Alexa for hospitals.

Madrona Venture Group
Jul 2016

Saykara – Out of Stealth, Alexa for Physicians

We think Saykara is building a better mousetrap underpinned with AI and ML technologies that are tuned just for this market.

Jul 2016

Former Nuance machine learning vet raises $2.5M for AI healthcare startup Saykara

Meet your latest stealthy Seattle startup. The name of the company is Saykara, and it appears to be tackling a very interesting problem: The use of artificial intelligence in healthcare.