How do I get started using Saykara?

Congrats on your first step to leading an EHR-free life! Contact us with your information and we’ll get started by showing you a live demo of our solution.

How much does Saykara cost?

Saykara is a cloud-based service that is available for a flat monthly subscription fee. We offer tiered pricing plans price and add-on services based on practice size, patient volume, and individual workflow preferences. Contact us for a free personalized quote.

Which EHRs does Saykara currently support?

Saykara is compatible with all major EHRs including Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, NextGen, Meditech and more! We also work with select specialty-based ambulatory EHRs from Primary Care to Cardiology. Contact us for more information as we expand our EHR partner network.

What is Saykara?

Saykara is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered healthcare virtual assistant that leverages voice recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning to automate the clinical documentation process for physicians. Saykara’s iOS mobile app captures physician-patient encounters in real time and enters notes, diagnoses, orders, and more directly into the EHR, so you spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on things that matter, like patient care and quality of life.

How does Saykara work?

Saykara’s mobile app is simple and easy to use. Just speak naturally into the mobile app to capture the patient encounter, and the intelligent cloud platform seamlessly processes the information and enters structured data into your EHR for final sign-off. Based on your workflow preferences, you can use Saykara anytime during or after the patient encounter. With our unique augmented AI approach, you don’t need to worry about quality: you get 99.9%+ accuracy from day 1. Contact us for more information on how Saykara can simplify your documentation process.

How do I know if Saykara is right for me?

Saykara is a flexible solution that is designed to fit the needs of most providers regardless of size, specialty, and workflow. We currently support live customers in ambulatory settings from Primary Care to Cardiology, and from small private groups to large health systems across the US. If you are an inpatient provider interested in using Saykara, contact us to learn more.

How is Saykara different from other scribing solutions?

Traditionally, physicians have relied on in-person human scribes to capture patient encounters and enter notes into the EHR. While this approach untethers the physician from the EHR, it does not scale (premium pricing, high scribe turnover, high training costs, physician consent issues, etc). Saykara’s solution is scalable, affordable, and non-intrusive because the AI engine does most of the work, making it affordable and easy to deploy and scale across hundreds of providers. Saykara provides all the benefits of a human scribe but without the cost and complexity of managing a scribe program.

Is Saykara HIPAA compliant? How is my data protected?

Yes, Saykara is HIPAA-compliant. Our service is encrypted end-to-end and strict operational protocols are in place to safeguard protected health information (PHI). In addition, we regularly subject our security measures to rigorous testing. Saykara is firmly committed to respecting every patient’s rights to privacy. See our Security Safeguards and Privacy Policy for more information.