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The first mobile AI assistant to
automate physician charting.

No keyboard. No scribe. Just conversation.

The first mobile AI assistant to
automate physician charting.

No keyboard. No scribe. Just conversation.

Happier Physicians, Better Care

Happier Physicians | Better Care

Artificial intelligence that understands your conversations

We leverage the power and simplicity of the human voice to streamline your workflow, making it easier for you to deliver great patient care.

Meet Kara

Kara is the first artificially intelligent assistant to automate physician charting. Kara lives on the iPhone (any iOS device), which means it is completely mobile and available wherever and whenever you need help.

Kara has two primary modes. In the ambient mode, it listens in real time to the conversation between a patient and physician during an on-premise or telehealth visit. In the recap mode, it listens to a brief reflective summarization following a visit. Underlying machine learning algorithms interpret and transform salient content required for notes, orders, referrals and more. A human-in-the-loop reviewer performs a quality check before the final data (both structured and unstructured) is populated to your electronic health record system (EHR).

The physician experience is truly hands free and hassle free. No keyboard, no mouse, no computer screen, no data entry, no code words -- just voice.

Using Kara is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Open the iOS app.
2. Tap the patient’s name.
3. Talk naturally.

Kara is able to accommodate physicians in virtually all medical specialties. Our customers include hospitals, health systems, ambulatory surgery centers and independent practices nationwide.

EHR Integration

Kara is compatible with all major EHR systems, including Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, NextGen, Meditech, athenahealth and others. It is also compatible with many specialty-specific ambulatory EHR systems. If you don't see your vendor listed, just ask!

Clinical Notes

Whether in the exam room or between cases, Kara acts as your personal assistant, listening to salient points of the patient encounter to create a structured and fully billable SOAP note.


When arranging diagnostic tests or prescribing medications, just let Kara know the key elements of your order and it will be automatically placed with high priority.


When needing to refer patients for specialty-specific consultations or therapies, just describe what is required, then leave Kara to take care of ensuring the referral is queued up and ready for your review.


Kara can reach out to your patients ahead of scheduled visits to collect information such as symptoms, insurance information, health history and more, making your time together that much more productive.

What You Can Expect


less time
spent charting


chart completion
by dinner time


more patients seen
per week


less time charting


chart completion by dinner time


additional patients per week




on time


per week

. . . and more time to spend on the things you love

What Our Users Say

“The Saykara solution has been very helpful in reducing the amount of time it takes our doctors to complete their documentation, which in turn has alleviated the stress that comes with falling behind or having scarce few hours for themselves and their families.”
“We need technology that helps physicians rather than hinders them. I can tell you firsthand, my quality of life is so much better since I starting using Saykara.”
Prayus Tailor, MD, FASN
Attending Nephrologist
Nephrology Associates, P.A.
“We have seen a fivefold productivity boost using Saykara. Clinical notes are fully automated and we don't even have to open up the PC to document. Plus, it allows our providers to focus on their patients and create personalized, meaningful and collaborative interactions.”
Dr. PARAMJIT "Romi" Chopra
CEO & Interventional Radiologist
MIMIT Health
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“My charting is done within 30 seconds of leaving the patient’s room, and this has changed how I approach the patient and how much calmer I am when I’m going into the room to see them. My work/family life is so much more balanced since I’ve been using Kara, I never want to go back to how it was before Kara.”
Family Medicine Physician
Hancock Health
"Saykara is completely different than traditional voice recognition software. It understands the context and intent of what is said, then eloquently and accurately creates a note in our EMR. No more nights and weekends proofreading and signing charts."
Dr. Wayne Nelson
Vascular Surgeon
Oregon Vascular Specialists
"Using Kara makes my life so much easier. Not only has it saved me two and a half hours a night, I’m no longer tied to a computer and staring at a screen. I can give my full attention to my patients, and I even have time during visits to talk with them about their vacations, grandkids or restaurants they recommend. And when all is said and done, I get a detailed, structured note with very little time and effort on my part. It’s a true virtual assistant that pays for itself."
Dr. Mihir Patel
Orthopedic Surgeon
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“Saykara is a game changer in technology. It can do what electronic health records have not been able to do, give us our time back with patients and our families.”
Family Medicine Physician
WhidbeyHealth Primary Care
“I think using the Saykara product clearly enhances productivity and it supports complex documentation very well. It adapts to your style. For me, it is much less intrusive than the scribe I used to have in the exam room with me, and it more supports the doctor-patient relationship.”
“Saykara does a nice job in laying out the note in a way that's very readable. With scribes, although sometimes they capture the essence of a visit really well, sometimes they don't and sometimes they really miss it, which is a non-issue with Kara. And Kara is never going to quit or leave for medical school.”
Orthopedic Surgeon
Naples Community Healthcare
“I was skeptical whether an AI assistant could actually work with our EMR and make me faster. I have been pleasantly surprised that by using Kara, I save one and a half to two hours a day on documentation and I get better quality output.”
Vascular Surgeon
Surgical Care Associates
"Saykara's AI assistant has had both an immediate and long-term impact. Almost immediately, it reduced our physicians’ time spent documenting and improved the quality of documentation. It has also become a key platform for us as we look to leverage artificial intelligence."
Dr. Michael Fletcher
Chief Medical Officer & Internist
Hancock Health
“Since I’ve been using Kara, I can go home at the end of the day and be done instead of worrying that I’m behind and having to spend hours on the weekend catching up.”
Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon

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