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Lead Source

The first mobile AI assistant to
automate physician charting.

No keyboard. No scribe. Just conversation.

The first mobile AI assistant to
automate physician charting.

No keyboard. No scribe. Just conversation.

Happier Physicians, Better Care

Happier Physicians | Better Care

AI that understands your conversations

We leverage the power and simplicity of the human voice to streamline your workflow, making it easier for you to deliver great patient care.

Meet Kara

Kara is the first fully ambient intelligent assistant for the exam room. Kara lives on the iPhone and is available whenever and wherever you need help.
Kara listens, interpreting conversations with patients, so you can enter the exam room, treat the patient and be done charting. Period. No extra hardware, no code words, no clicks. And with zero training required, Kara adapts to you, not the other way around.

Clinical Notes

Whether in the exam room or between cases, Kara acts as your personal assistant, listening to the salient points of the patient encounter to create a structured and fully billable SOAP note.


When placing orders for diagnostic testing or prescribing medications, just let Kara know the key elements of the order and it will be automatically placed with high priority.


If you need to refer for a specialist consultation or specific therapies, just describe what is required, then leave Kara to take care of ensuring the referral is queued up and ready for your review.


Kara can reach out to your patient ahead of time so you know exactly what the visit will be about.

What You Can Expect


less time
spent charting


chart completion
by dinner time


more patients seen
per week


less time charting


chart completion by dinner time


additional patients per week




on time


per week

. . . and more time to spend on the things you love

What Our Users Say

"Kara completing my notes in real-time has changed my outlook on EMRs. Since using it, I have been able to see seven additional patients a day. Not only has this been performance changing and bottom line changing, it has been life changing, bringing so much joy back to the practice. My patients and my family have noticed."
Swedish Medical Group
"By using Saykara, we now spend less time staring at computers and see more patients. The system pays for itself. It’s a true virtual assistant."
Dr. Mihir Patel
Orthopedic Surgeon
OrthoIndy Hospital
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"Saykara is completely different than traditional voice recognition software. It understands the context and intent of what is said, then eloquently and accurately creates a note in our EMR. No more nights and weekends proofreading and signing charts."
Dr. Wayne Nelson
Vascular Surgeon
Oregon Vascular Specialists
"We have seen a 5X productivity boost using Saykara. Clinical notes are automated within a few minutes after the encounter without even opening up the PC to document."
Dr. Romi Chopra
Interventional Radiologist
MIMIT Healthcare
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"Saykara has been an outstanding solution for our physicians that struggle with completing documentation. Our physicians that were spending 10+ hours per week documenting at home no longer do so. Saykara has provided excellent support."
Dr. Stephen Flink
Medical Director
Hancock Physician Network
"Major improvements to my workflow. I will be Saykara's biggest cheerleader."
DR. Stephen N. Ewer
Kadlec Hospital
"With Saykara's AI assistant, I walk out of the exam room with my notes done, which is a first for me."
DR. Gabe Charbonneau
Family Medicine
Providence Montana
"I can't express how much I love it. Saykara has improved my patient interactions, as they can hear their story and the plan. It's easier to fit patients into the schedule, too."
DR. Jacob Stanfield
Orthopedic Surgeon
Kadlec Hospital
"Saykara's AI assistant has had both an immediate and long-term impact. Almost immediately, it reduced our physicians’ time spent documenting and improved the quality of documentation. It has also become a key platform for us as we look to leverage artificial intelligence."
Dr. Michael Fletcher
Chief Medical Officer & Internist
Hancock Health

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